Check out some of the Projects/Bands I’ve worked/recorded with:

Artist: Markus Geiselhart Orchestra, Song: Crazy Concepts From Vienna, Recorded 2016 @ Tonstudio Baumann

MGO feat. Anderson Flyer innen klein

Artist: Daniel Haselwanter Band, recorded 2016 @ Aktiv Sound Records


Daniel Haselwanter Band on iTunes/Apple Music

Artist:Blitzenbolt, Song: Fastfood , Recorded 2017 @ Echo Zoo, Eastbourne/UK

Blitzenbolt FAST FOOD Cover Art

“Fastfood” on iTunes/Apple Music

Artist:Blitzenbolt, Song: Supertramp , Recorded 2015 @ Echo Zoo, Eastbourne/UK

“Blitzenbolt EP” on iTunes/Apple Music

Artist: Flozell, Recorded 2014 in Slovenja


“Flozell” on iTunes/Apple Music


Artist: Sarah Dashew, Album: Where I belong, Song: Everywhere you go, Recorded 2010 in Los Angeles/California

“Sarah Dashew” on iTunes/Apple Music

Artist: GANES, Album: Mai Guai, Song: Gunela, Recorded 2011 in Munich/Germany

“Ganes” on iTunes/Apple Music


Artist: CANICE, Album: Das Mixtape vor dem Sturm, Song: Für Euch, Recorded 2011 Graz


“Canice” on iTunes/Apple Music


Artist: Lucid Dream, Song: No Tomorrow, 2010 Austria

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