Thomas started playing Drums at the age of 8. Several years later ,after getting his Diploma (Jazz Drums)  at the Conservatory of 
Music in Klagenfurt/Carinthia, he moved to Los Angeles to study at the L.A. Music Academy. He got the 'Master of Arts' degree at the
'Konservatorium der Stadt Wien Privatuniversität' in Vienna.
Some of his most important teachers are: Mike Shapiro, Ralph Humphrey, Erich Bachträgl, Walter Grassmann, Joe Porcaro and many more…

'Selection' of Artists Thomas is/was working with:
Martin Koller (KOLLER), Tonč Feinig (Feinix, FKK, Feinig.Käfel.Trujillo TRIO), DREIECK (Austrian Pop-Act), Sarah Dashew (L.A. based Singer/Songwriter), Elle Spencer Lewis (L.A. based Singer/Songwriter), Doretta Carter (US),Chris De Burgh (UK),Big John (US), Karen Asatrian (ARMENIA), Soul Town Orchestra, Wolfgang Puschnig, GANES (ITALY/GERMANY), La Machine, Ola Onabule UK (Jazz Ahead Festival, Umbria Jazz Festival), Markus Geiselhart Orchestra (MGO), Mary Roos (GER),...

Thomas endorses ''Agner' Drum-Sticks.


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