new FLOZELL Video “Happy Is As Holy Does”


Karin Zemljič – Vocals
Rob Bargad — Hammond B3 Organ
Florian Bogensberger – Guitars
Thomas Käfel – Drums

Special Guests:

Nina Reščič – Flute
Hrvoje “Stef” Štefanić – Trombone
Gregor Zver — Tenor Saxophone

“Happy Is As Holy Does”
Words and Music: Rob Bargad

Filmed on location at Melopoja Studio
Pameče, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia
by: Hannah Käfel, using the Canon Eos 5D Mark III

Directed by: Thomas Käfel & Rob Bargad

Audio Engineering and Video editing:
Sebastian Podlesnik

Catering: Bar Nette

copyright 2014 Barnette Records

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Daniel Haselwanter live @ Lendhafen Cafe Klagenfurt. Feb 9th 2014 8PM



Daniel Haselwanter Band

Die Daniel Haselwanter Band ist ein österreichisches Acoustic Folk Rock Trio, bestehend aus dem Tiroler Songwriter und Multi-Instrumentalisten Daniel Haselwanter (Gesang, Gitarre, Bouzouki, Ukulele), Chris Laber (Bass) und Thomas Käfel (Schlagzeug, Perkussion, Gesang). Ihr live-Programm besteht aus eigenkomponierten Songs von Daniel Haselwanters Soloalben “Between Lines” (2010) und “Rolling Home Recordings” (2014). Sowohl musikalisch als auch textlich (englisch, deutsch, Dialekt, Spanisch) zeichnen sie sich vor allem durch Abwechslung und Vielseitigkeit aus. 
Einige ihrer Songs werden mittlerweile auf internationalen Radiosendern gespielt.

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Today SUNDAY “FLOZELL” feat. DANNY SADOWNICK @Theaterhalle11/ 20.30h


Looking forward to this! Check Danny out here:

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Hi all, posting this video a second time now. Just fixed up the audio a bit, and the credits. We had to change the band name – a band called TAiNT already exists… (Barnette Records’ Research Assistant is off for the summer). So here’s the final version from newly named: FLOZELL – if you still have time/patience please check it out once more and share it (again). We really appreciate it. Sorry for any trouble. Stay tuned – more FLOZELL videos to come…

FLOZELL /’flɒsɛll/ FLOW SELL – accent on SELL….. Just so u know 😉


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New Project: TAiNT; Title:”YOU”. Pls check it out! cheers – T


Karin Zemljič – Vocals
Florian Bogensberger – Guitar
Thomas Käfel – Drums (
Rob Bargad – Organ (

With special guest: Michel Feliciano – Congas

Filmed by:
Hannah Käfel
using the CANON EOS 5B Mark 3 Camera

Audio mixed by: T. Käfel & R. Bargad

Video editing by: T. Käfel & R. Bargad

Filmed on location at Rockaefeler StudioLab
Klagenfurt, Austria

copyright 2013 Barnette Records

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GRAZ! ZERO DENIRO – Donnerstag live @ Explosiv/Graz! Come out and bring your dancing shoes!

EXPLOSIV, Bahnhofgürtel 55, Graz, Austria

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