Feinig-Käfel-Trujillo TRIO

Feinig-Käfel-Trujillo TRIO - Music in the key of a to z

Right now we're in the process of organizing a little Tour in Austria that will 
feature Brandon Sherman on trumpet ( http://brandonshermanmusic.com)

Download PDF:
Feinig-Käfel-Trujillo PDF

Download Poster/Plakat PDF:
Poster:Plakat PDF

Tonc Feinig - Keys
Thomas Käfel - Drums, electronics
Juanma Trujillo - Guitar, electronics

Feinig-Käfel-Trujillo 3

Feinig-Käfel-Trujillo is a project that focuses on exploring improvisation in the context of groove and rhythm. With a wide range of influences and experience playing jazz, rock, popular music, electronica, funk and more these musicians get together to create music that can be both highly structured and completely loose at the same time.


Thomas Käfel and Juanma Trujillo met in Los Angeles as students of the LA music academy, during that period they collaborated on a lot of different projects together until they graduated and parted ways. It wasn’t until Juanma went to Austria again in 2011 to meet Käfel that they started this project. They knew they wanted to do something geared towards groove but with a certain openness and room for improvising, at this point Anton Tonc Feinig became an integral part of the puzzle because of his ability to play keyboards keeping a bass function along with harmonies/melodies at the same time.


The band is committed to try something new at every concert in order to keep the music evolving. The idea is to stay committed to the creative process of coming up with new ideas and concepts rather than working towards an specific result or an outcome.



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