What’s happening…

Hi Folks!

Interesting times (for me)! At the moment I’m working intensely on two exciting Projects. And heeeere they are…

BLITZENBOLT   JOHN – guitar, vocals, synths and ME – drums, synth, vocals,

My friend John Wells and my bad self are busy working on our first Album. The recording process at Echo Zoo Studios in Eastbourne/UK is pretty much finished. So, the next step is gonna be to mix that beast.

We’re also planning a little Album-Release-Tour for February 2016

I’ll keep you posted…:)

Here’s a little Studio snippet:

Also, if you have not watched the following or wanna revisit, there you go:



Daniel Haselwanter: Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals; Stefan Thaler: Bass; Me: Drums, Vocals

We also just hit the Studio (FreiAudio) to record some music. Here’s a little taste… This was recorded live at the Studio. No Overdubs, no edits, no nothing… here we go:

On another note

I also played a couple of Shows this year in Italy and Germany with the very talented singer Ola Onabule from London/UK.

There’s more to come in 2016 and I’m pretty stoked about that 🙂

Here’s a little sneak peak at our Italy Show:

Alright, thanks for reading and watching! See You soon!


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